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Posted: Monday, August 25th 2014 at 2:00pm

Leight powers to Southeast Super Truck win at Anderson

By Brandon Reed Staff
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Kevin Leicht celebrates in victory lane after scoring the Southeast Super Truck Series victory Friday night at Anderson Motor Speedway. / Photo: Christy Kelley
WILLIAMSTON, SC - Kevin Leicht would jump to to an early lead, and drove on to score the victory in the Southeast Super Trucks feature Friday night at Anderson Motor Speedway in Williamston, SC.

The night wasn't without incident, as one scary moment saw the truck of Bennie Davis flipping onto his side in turn one, resulting in a lengthy caution.

Davis was okay, but his night was over.

Leicht would drive on to the victory, with Lee Tissot in second, Randy Porter in third, Kaleb Pressley in fourth and Dakota Slagle in fifth.

Jamie Altop, Justin Sorrow, Keith May, Greg Jarrett and Tyler Worley rounded out the top 10.

In other action, Douglasville, GA's outdistanced Matt Meyer to pick up the victory in the BM Modified feature. Jamie Winslett finished in third, followed by Adam Satterfield in fourth and Zach Dillon in fifth.

Chad Campbell topped the field to score the Mini Stock feature win. David Darnell finished in second, with Luke Sorrow in third, Jimmy Burgess in fourth and B.J. Thrasher in fifth.

Justin Asheley scored the unofficial victory in the Legends feature. Rex Brown, Trey Eidson, Kevin Ellison and Karl Moberg rounded out the top five.

Steve Guthrie crossed under the checkerd flag first to pick up the Renegade feature win. Shawn Campbell finished in second, with Ricky Burnett in third, Shane Brown in fourth and Chris Whitfield in fifth.

Brian King came home with the Front Wheel Drive feature victory, with Scott Parker finishing in second, Brandi Presnell in third, Shaun Mize in fourth and Chris Harvell in fifth.

Anderson Motor Speedway will return to action on Friday, Sept, 5, for the track's biggest event of the year, the 5th annual Rupert Porter Memorial Shrine Race, featuring action from the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Model stocks, along with all local divisons.

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Anderson Motor Speedway - Williamston, SC
Race Results - Aug. 22, 2014

Southeast Super Trucks
1 #25 Kevin Leicht
2 #2 Lee Tissot
3 #51 Randy Porter
4 #16 Kaleb Pressley
5 #13 Dakota Slagle
6 #54 Jamie Altop
7 #92 Justin Sorrow
8 #5 Keith May
9 #44 Greg Jarrett
10 #84 Tyler Worley
11 #50 Tim Lollis
12 #12 Cole Glasson8
13 #24 Jamie Tate
14 #29 David Flynn
15 #66 Bennie Davis
16 #15 Sheflon Clay
17 #80 Randy Ollis
18 #8 Ed Surrett
19 #14 Davey Smart
DNS: #1 Zach Franks

BM Modifieds
1. Casey Tucker
2. Matt Meyer
3. Jamie Winslett
4. Adam Satterfield
5. Taylor Marshall
6. Zach Dillon

Mini Stocks
1. Chad Campbell
2. David Darnell
3. Luke Sorrow
4. Jimmy Burgess
5. B.J. Thrasher
6. Colby Howard
7. Shaun Mize
8. Shaun Gibbs
9. Brian Porter
10. Ben Kay

Legends (Unofficial)
1. Justin Ashley
2. Rex Brown
3. Trey Eidson
4. Kevin Ellison
5. Karl Moberg
6. Danny Cisson
7. Craig Bruce
8. Riley Halverson
9. Randy Gunton
10. Dwayne Rumsey
11. Wayne Ellison
12. Cory Parham

1. Steve Guthrie
2. Shawn Campbell
3. Ricky Burnett
4. Shane Brown
5. Chris Whitfield
6. Jack Robertson
7. Phillip Peters
8. Jonathan Ragsdale
9. Jimmy Rowland
10. Chad Watt
11. Billy Brown
12. Ricky Stevens

Front Wheel Drives
1. Brian King
2. Scott Parker
3. Brandi Presnell
4. Shaun Mize
5. Chris Harvell
6. C.J. Huitt
7. Tommy Davis
8. Donovan Beacham
9. Casey Burkett
10. Michael Posey
11. Chris Beacham
12. J.T. Fitzgerald
13. Lance Partain

Link: Anderson Motor Speedway
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