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Posted: Monday, August 18th 2014 at 12:00pm

Busch holds off VanDoorn for ARCA/CRA Kalamazoo win

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Kyle Busch takes a victory lap after scoring the ARCA/CRA Super Series victory Wednesday at Kalamazoo Speedway. / Photo: Courtesy CRA Media
KALAMAZOO, MI - Kyle Busch took the lead from three-time ARCA/CRA Super Series champion Johnny VanDoorn on lap 52 and from there, the 29-year-old NASCAR Sprint Cup Series star held back the constant efforts of VanDoorn to score the win last Wednesday in the Boyne Machine Company 100 at Kalamazoo Speedway in Kalamazoo, MI.

“That was a lot of fun racing with Johnny (VanDoorn),” Busch said in victory lane. “I don’t think we touched one time. That’s a true testament to the racer Johnny is. I had a blast here tonight

"It’s cool to come here to a new racetrack and succeed in front of all these fans. Wow, what a crowd here. I just love racing with the ARCA/CRA Super Series. These guys have got good stuff and fast racecars. It was fun to race him that's for sure and to do that in front of all these people, that's what it's all about."

After Busch shattered the ARCA/CRA Super Series Track Record in qualifying, he drew a nine for an inversion which placed Jay Niewiek and Chris Koslek on the front row for. Niewiek would beat Koslek and the rest of the field to the first corner to take the lead. He paced the field for the first 14 circuits until Koslek regrouped and moved to the top spot.

Koslek's lead didn't last long as on lap 18, both VanDoorn and Busch drove by to take over the first two spot on the track and the battle would begin between the two standouts.

The first of only two cautions flew on lap 31 when 18-year-old T.K. Whitman spun in turn four and collected Brandon Hermiller. Whitman was able to come back out several laps down while Hermiller's night was over.

On the restart, Busch began his charge using the outside lane and finally on lap 52, he would clear VanDoorn for the lead.

The last caution came out on lap 71 setting up a final showdown between Busch and
VanDoorn. On the restart, VanDoorn stayed glued to Busch's door as the two battled
side by side. Busch was able to inch away from VanDoorn with every passing lap and
despite the constant threats by VanDoorn to slide past, Busch was up to the challenge and would hang on for the win.

"We were searching, trying to find something besides the top lane and I kept letting Johnny get to my inside, but there was nothing left to go for it,” said Busch. "I couldn’t really find anything that was any faster so I could pull away. He could've dumped me anytime he wanted too, but he didn't.

I love racing these Super Late Models when I get the chance to do so. I just wish I could do this more. But with races like this during week, we'll make the trip every time."

VanDoorn finished second, with Travis Braden third, Ross Kenseth fourth and Chad Finley in fifth.

Alec Carll, Todd Gilliland, Wes Griffith, Jr., Joe Busch and Ali Kern rounded out the top ten.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver David Ragan, of Unadilla, GA, rolled home in 11th.

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ARCA/CRA Super Series
Kalamazoo Speedway - Kalamazoo, MI
Boyne Machine Company 100 - Aug. 13, 2014

1. 51 Kyle Busch
2. 71 Johny VanDoorn
3. 01 Travis Braden
4. 77 Ross Kenseth
5. 42 Chad Finley
6. 5 Alec Carll
7. 98 Todd Gilliland
8. 33 Wes Griffith, Jr.
9. 101 Joe Bush
10. 28 Ali Kern
11. 77R David Ragan
12. 84 Jay Niewiek
13. 131 Nick Gullatta
14. 26 Rick Turner
15. 147 Jordan Sims
16. 7 Paul Shafer, Jr.
17. 9 T.K. Whitman
18. 30 Justin Claucherty
19. 55 Dave Lake
20. 72 Thomas Woodin
21. 10 Steve Dorer
22. 23 Chris Koslek
23. 6 Brandon Hermiller
24. 21 Terry VanHaitsma

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