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Posted: Tuesday, August 12th 2014 at 12:00pm

Garrett grabs Stock Four Cylinder victory at Hartwell

By Heather Rhoades
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J.J. Garrett celebrates with his crew and family after scoring his fifth Stock Four Cylinder feature win of the season at Hartwell Speedway Saturday night. / Photo: Heather Rhoades
HARTWELL, GA - J.J. Garrett has had what many would consider and off season.

Hartwell Speedway’s defending Stock Four Cylinder points champion had more wins than any other driver in 2013, visiting the Hartwell, GA track’s victory lane 14 times. Going into Saturday night, he had made the trip four times on the current season.

That changed, as he scored win number five and, more importantly, the Stock Four Cylinder All-Star Championship victory by besting Brent Couch for the victory.

Jimmy Little came home in third, with Aaron Calvert in fourth and Shane Strickland in fifth.

In other action, Brandon Haley out distanced Drew Collins to score the Limited Late Model victory. Ted Crunkleton finished in third, followed by Stephen Segars in fourth and Chris Nickerson in fifth.

Frankie Beard scored the win in the SECA Late Model feature. Nick Deitz trailed in second, with Grand Jordan in third, Eric Veal in fourth and Tyler Harvey in fifth.

Rod Roberts came out on top of the Hobby Stock feature, beating out Jody Russell for the victory. Robin Collins crossed the line in third, followed by Brent Russell in fourth and Gerald Stanley in fifth.

Chris Jones topped the field for the win in the Modified Street feature. Bradley Ogletree ran second, followed by Michael Segars in third, Aaron McIntosh in fourth and Jennifer Everett in fifth.

Ricky Mauldin scored the victory in the Stock V8 feature, with George Fortson, Keith Teasley, Cal Moon and Terry Brown rounding out the top five.

Jeremy Hicks snared the Young Guns win, with Jessica Still in second.

Keith Brown took top honors in the Up Front feature, with Wayne Chapman in second, Joel Powell in third, Stacy Foster in fourth and Andrew Smith in fifth.

Hartwell Speedway is back in action on Saturday, Aug. 16. For more info, visit

Hartwell Speedway - Hartwell, GA
Race Results - Aug. 9, 2014

Stock Four Cylinder
1. #28 J.J. Garrett
2. #28C Brent Couch
3. #02 Jimmy Little
4. #01 Aaron Calvert
5. #19 Shane Strickland
6. #104 Daniel Doster
7. #8 Josh Epps
8. #2 Ryan Boles
DNS: #119 Cy Strickland
DNS: #23 Mason Tucker

Limited Late Model
1. #51 Brandon Haley
2. #D5 Drew Collins
3. #95 Ted Crukleton
4. #114 Stephen Segars
5. #73 Chris Nickerson
6. #32 Bubba Russell

SECA Late Model
1. #21 Frankie Beard
2. #22 Nick Deitz
3. #05 Grant Jordn
4. #3A Eric Veal
5. #5 Tyler Harvey
6. #28 Greg Pilgram
7. #15 Cody Pritchett
8. #87 Adam Partain

1. #44 Rod Roberts
2. #23 Jody Russell
3. #1 Robin Collins
4. #66 Brent Russell
5. #25 Gerald Stanley
6. 352 John Davis
7. #99 A.J. Watson
8. #1911 Roger Dockery

Modified Street
1. #17 Chris Jones
2. #42 Bradley Ogletree
3. #1 Michael Segars
4. #33 Aaron McIntosh
5. #19 Jennifer Everett
6. #0 Chris Cape

Stock V8
1. #114 Ricky Mauldin
2. #27 George Fortson
3. #8 Keith Teasley
4. #69 Cal Moon
5. #9 Terry Brown
6. #101 Rocky Jones

Young Guns
1. #1 Jeremy Hicks
2. #08 Jessica Still

Up Front
1. #00K Seth Brown
2. #73 Wayne Chapman
3. #89 Joel Powell
4. #8 Stacy Foster
5. #48 Andrew Smith

Link: Hartwell Speedway
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