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Posted: Wednesday, July 23rd 2014 at 3:00pm

Bohn awarded win after wild one at Bowman Gray

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Tim Brown (83) tangled with Burt Myers (1) during Saturday night's Modified feature at Bowman Gray Stadium. / Photo: Eric Hylton Photography
WINSTON-SALEM, NC - Fans came to Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, NC on Saturday to see monster trucks and a demolition derby – the annual Night of Destruction. But they saw some extra destruction that perhaps wasn’t anticipated.

NASCAR Officials have reviewed the actions from Saturday night’s racing at Bowman Gray Stadium and have announced penalties and also some alterations to the finishing order for the 25-lap Modified race.

After a thorough review and consultation among many officials, NASCAR Officials at the Stadium have determined that Lee Jeffreys of Winston-Salem was indeed involved in the collision with Burt Myers of Walnut Cove and Tim Brown of Tobaccoville.

Jeffreys was at first said to have only slowed to avoid the wreckage instead of being caught in it, so he was placed back in the race lead and received the win when the race never returned to green flag racing due to rain. Danny Bohn of Huntersville is now declared the race leader at the time and is awarded the victory.

Officials have also announced penalties for Burt Myers and Tim Brown for their on-track aggression during the caution. Both drivers are moved to the rear of the field for the finish order in last Saturday’s 25-lap race. For the remainder of the season, both drivers have been placed on probation concerning any action taken towards each other.

Additionally, both competitors have been docked 100 points in the championship points standings for the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series.

“Both the decision regarding Lee Jeffreys as well as Burt Myers and Tim Brown are not decisions we take lightly. We talked with many other NASCAR Officials,” said John Horton, NASCAR’s chief steward at Bowman Gray Stadium. “We believe that these penalties will send a message that this is something we can not tolerate.”

Brown started on the pole with Burt Myers starting in second.

On the initial start, Myers quickly ducked in behind Brown, giving him a few stout hits to the rear bumper. Brown stayed in control and secured the lead, holding on for the next 20 laps.

But as Brown and Myers navigated lapped traffic, Myers had his chance to close the distance on Brown’s car. Flying around turns three and four with less than five laps to go, Myers gave a stiff shot to Tim Brown’s bumper. Brown slid into turn four and lost control, sending him spinning out of the lead.

Brown headed off to the pits briefly before entering the track right as Myers was leading the field and headed his way. The #83 slowed and crowded Myers against the guardrail, taking Myers out of the lead. Then the two fuming competitors rammed each other in an early demolition derby.

Jeffreys slowed to a stop to avoid hitting Myers and Brown as Myers lost the lead. Bohn slipped past the wreckage and kept racing. NASCAR Officials initially ruled that Jeffreys wasn’t involved in the wreck but was merely stopping to avoid the accident - so he was declared the race leader.

The rain clouds then opened up, ending the race prematurely on lap 22. Jeffreys was unofficially declared the winner with Bohn in second. However, that was later changed by NASCAR Officials.

Dawsonville, GA's Spencer Davis avoided the trouble to roll home in eighth.

In the Double D Construction Services Sportsman Series, Michael Tilley of Winston-Salem won a cautionless 20-lapper. John Holleman of Winston-Salem crossed the finish line in second but failed to submit to post-race technical inspection. Ryan Nelson of Kernersville was declared the second place finisher.

Jason Keaton of Mocksville and A.J. Sanders of Mocksville were battling for the lead in the 15-lapper for the Traffic Control Safety Services Stadium Stock Series. Sanders bumped Keaton out of the way to grab the lead, but Keaton retaliated and rammed Sanders. A.J. Quakenbush of Kernersville was in the right place at the right time to take over the lead and the win.

Bowman Gray Stadium - Winston-Salem, NC
Race Results - July 19, 2014

1. 53 Danny Bohn
2. 4 Jason Myers
3. 27 Mike Bohn
4. 5 Randy Butner
5. 05 Tony Black
6. 48 Brad Robbins
7. 69 Junior Miller
8. 79 Spencer Davis
9. 71 Dean Ward
10. 21 Tommy Neal
11. 66 Ronnie Clifton
12. 92 Brody Jones
13. 82 Cale Gale
14. 77 Lee Jeffreys
15. 16 William Smith
16. 28 Duke Bare
17. 44 Daniel Beeson
18. 75 Robert Jeffreys
19. 12 Mike Norman
20. 1 Burt Myers
21. 83 Tim Brown

1. 26 Michael Tilley
2. 27 Ryan Nelson
3. 81 Zack Clifton
4. 55 Zack Ore
5. 31 Ryan Robertson
6. 86 Taylor Branch
7. 19 Michael Adams
8. 11 Wayne Hill
9. 68 Robbie Brewer
10. 00 Justin Taylor
11. 28 Dillon Tilley
12. 9 David Adams
13. 14 Curt Sheets
14. 02 Derek Stoltz
15. 41 Gary Ledbetter
16. 40 Taylor Robbins
17. 72 Mark Faust
18. 4 John Holleman

Stadium Stock
1. 11 A.J. Quakenbush
2. 69 Billy Cameron Jr
3. 81 Chuck Wall
4. 02 Wesley Thompson
5. 40 Daniel Yates
6. 00 Trey Phelps
7. 7 Chris Allison
8. 8 Shane Southard
9. 89 Joseph Swanson
10. 62 Kevin Hedgecock
11. 24 Doug Rembold
12. 44 A.J. Sanders
13. 50 Jimmy Walker
14. 01 Jason Keaton

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