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Posted: Wednesday, July 16th 2014 at 9:58am

Changes stir emotions at Senoia Raceway

By Track PR
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Shane Fulcher swept both Late Model features Saturday night at Senoia Raceway. / Photo: Francis Hauke/
SENOIA - After a less than successful Saturday night at Senoia Raceway in Senoia, GA, promoter Tim Moses had to make a couple of tough decisions. Drivers were informed on Monday afternoon that the 3/8 mile track would discontinue running the Modified Mini division on a weekly basis. Saturday night marked the fourth time this season a race was not conducted in the four cylinder division due to only one competitor signed in to compete.

“It’s always a tough decision when you have to make a change,” explained Moses. “Somebody is always going to be upset and feel wronged. I have been giving the current drivers in the class every opportunity to build the class and support the program. I have paid the purse despite many nights only two or three cars showed up. Saturday night was the fourth time only a single driver showed.”

The current points leader in the Modified Mini, Dorough Bright of Newnan, informed Moses on Saturday night he would just put a stock engine in his racer and go back to competing in the Mini Stock division. Bright’s attitude changed on Monday claiming on a social media outlets that he will take his car and other cars he supports with his towing business to other race tracks instead.

“That kind of surprised me,” said Moses of the comments written by Bright. “I cannot tell these guys where to run. I can only hope they see my consistency in the operation and choose to support our track.”

Drivers also voiced their opinion on the controversial Jewel Series that offered double features on three separate events during the season. A season low car count was in attendance this past weekend with many believing it was due to the drivers not in favor of the double feature format.

“We split the laps between two races and split the purse between those two races,” said Moses. “The promotion is done at many tracks in other parts of the country to create a night of double points while creating a special night for the fans. But, the drivers thought they should get a double purse or greater purse.”

After the poor car count on Saturday night, Moses made another announcement on Monday afternoon that the track would no longer conduct Jewel Series events or the double feature nights.

“Hey, if they don’t like it, we will just do away with it,” Moses added. “We were trying to create something special for the fans without raising the admission ticket. The drivers did not think the plan was fair to them. Simple, we won’t do it any longer.”

The last remaining Jewel Series event which was slated for Saturday, September 6, has now been changed to a weekly racing series event with a fan autograph session scheduled to take place prior to racing.

Senioa Raceway returns to action Saturday, July 19, featuring the Jodeco Auto Sales Late Models, Newnan Bonding B Cadets, Summit Racing Equipment Hobby Stocks, A1 Hydraulics Bomber, Senoia Drug Company and Legends Cars.

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Senoia Raceway - Senoia, GA
Race Results - July 12, 2014

Late Model Feature 1
1. Shane Fulcher
2. Glenn Morris
3. Trey White
4. Clifton Moran
5. Austin Horton
6. Hunter Worley

Late Model Feature 2
1. Shane Fulcher
2. Glenn Morris
3. Austin Horton
4. Clifton Moran
5. Trey White
DNS: Hunter Worley

B Cadet Feature 1
1. Jason Miller
2. Dow Kirkland
3. Bennie Croy

B Cadet Feature 2
1. Dow Kirkland
2. Jason Miller
3. Bennie Croy

Hobby Stock Feature 1
1. Gary Brand
2. Scott Sherrer
3. Houston Hatchett
4. Ben Wells

Hobby Stock Feature 2
1. Scott Sherrer
2. Houston Hatchett
3. Gary Brand
4. Ben Wells

Mini Stock Feature 1
1. Harold Leath
2. Gary Parker
3. Brandon Libri
4. Matt Thompson
5. Cassie Dingler. Still

Mini Stock Feature 2
1. Brandon Libri
2. Harold Leath
3. Gary Parker
4. Matt Thompson
5. Cassie Dingler-Still
DNS. Dorough Bright

Bombers Feature 1
1. Winford Minix
2. John Holloway
3. Alex Rudolph
4. David Johnson
5. Carley Arnett
6. George Purgason
7. Jim Jackson

Bombers Feature 2
1. Winford Minix
2. Alex Rudolph
3. Carley Arnett
4. David Johnson
5. John Holloway
DNS. George Purgason, Jim Jackson

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