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Posted: Thursday, July 10th 2014 at 4:00pm

McCoy wins as action returns to Toccoa Speedway

By Brandon Reed Staff
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David McCoy, seen here from a previous victory, scored the Southeastern Late Model Sportsman Series win at Toccoa Speedway on July 3. / Photo: DTGW Productions
TOCCOA, GA - After several months without racing, Toccoa Speedway in Toccoa, GA roared back into action on Thursday, July 3, with a night of high speed racing around the historic North Georgia speedway.

And despite the layoff, it didn’t take long for a familiar face to land back in Toccoa’s victory lane, as David McCoy out distanced Zack Mitchell to score the Southeastern Late Model Sportsman Series victory.

Clayton Turner rolled home in third, with Drew Collins in fourth and David Conley in fifth.

Michael Smith, Gus Simpson, Billy Rushton, B.J. Eubanks and Ricky Harvey rounded out the top ten.

In other action, Lee Cooper held off McCoy for the Crate Late Model victory. Frankie Beard finished in third, with Kyre Mullaney in fourth and Chris Cape in fifth.

George Reece, Sr. topped the field in the Hobby/602 feature to pick up the win. Daniel Fowler came home in second, with Nick Sellers in third, Phillip Wilson in fourth and Robin Collins in fifth.

Mark Wilbanks scored the Modified Street win, holding off Rusty Jordan coming to the checkered flag. Michael Segars finished in third, with John Teasley in fourth and Robbie Campbell in fifth.

Jeremy Hicks took home the Beginner 4 Cylinder victory, with Boo Galloway, Jade Shackelford, Travis Hubbard and Mallorie Burdette rounding out the top five.

Toccoa Speedway - Toccoa, GA
Race Results - July 3, 2014

Southeastern Late Model Sportsman Series
1. 187-David McCoy
2. 57-Zack Mitchell
3. 102-Clayton Turner
4. D5-Drew Collins
5. 1-David Conley
6. 12-Michael Smith
7. 11S-Gus Simpson
8. 4-Billy Rushton
9. 98-BJ Eubanks
10. 11H-Ricky Harvey
11. 15-Ethan Hunter
12. 1D-Austin Dowling
13. 34-Jim Madden
14. 12T-Josh Thurmond
15. 17-Chris Woods
16. 95-Ted Crunkleton

Crate Late Models
1. 57-Lee Cooper
2. 12-David McCoy
3. 21-Frankie Beard
4. 2-Kyre Mullaney
5. 5-Chris Cape
6. 121c-Andrew Cole
7. 37-Jimmy Ivester
8. 121B-Royce Bray
9. 371-Drew Benfield
10. 21C-Cameron Crowe
11. 81-John Howard
12. 11-Derrick Harvey
13. 99-Lance Finn
14. 1-Kenny Collins
15. 15-Jesse Ivester
16. 22-Nick Dietz
17. 07-Dale Timms
18. 21-Chris McKeehan
19. 28-Jimmy Feltman

1. 82-George Reece, Sr.
2. 97-Daniel Fowler
3. 71-Nick Sellers
4. 04-Phillip Wilson
5. 1-Robin Collins
6. 3-Shun Thomas
7. 17-Stanley Hill
8. 28-James Nash
9. 63-Thomas Riggins
10. 66-Brent Russell
11. 27-Mike Davidson
12. 7-Matt Duke
13. 25-Stephen Segars
14. 52-John Davis

Modified Street
1. 6-Mark Wilbanks
2. 5-Rusty Jordan
3. 1-Michael Segars
4. 87-John Teasley
5. 37-Robbie Campbell
6. 12-Josh Thurmond
7. 21-Darryl Ivester
8. 10-Billy Buffington
9. 2-Jason Llewellen
10. 49-Darryl Matheson
11. 25-Paul Byrum
12. 18-Jeremy Jones
13. B1-Barry Thornton
14. 126-Casey Wilson

Beginner 4 Cylinder
1. 1-Jeremy Hicks
2. 42-Booman Galloway
3. zero 3-Jade Shackelford
4. 8-Travis Hubbard
5. 5-Mallorie Burdette
6. 0-Matthew Fergurson
7. 28-Brandon Elliott
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