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Posted: Thursday, July 3rd 2014 at 2:15am

Page becomes first repeat SLM winner of the season at Dixie

By Jeff Smith
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Michael Page waves to the crowd as he races under the checkered flag to become the only two-time Super Late Model winner of the 2014 season at Dixie Speedway. / Photo: Kevin Prater/praterphoto.com
WOODSTOCK, GA - Michael Page became the first repeat Super Late Model feature winner of the season at Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, GA Saturday night, taking the lead on a mid-race restart and going on to pick up his second win of the year.

Ray Cook made a rare appearance for a regular show at Dixie Speedway Saturday night and took the lead at the green ahead of defending track champion Donald McIntosh. They stayed in those positions until a restart on lap 19 when Page made the move at the green and drove down the middle, passing both Cook and McIntosh for the lead. Page was untouchable from that point on as he scored the win. McIntosh made the pass for second at the white flag leaving Cook in third at the checkers. Jason Croft also made a last lap pass around T.J. Alford to take fourth.

In other action, Don Jenkins took advantage of a lap eight caution to take the lead from Chris Fennell in the Steelhead Late Model Championship feature to go on to his third win of the season. Chuck Padgett made is way to second in his first race of the season followed by Fennell, Scottie Pritchett and Michael Brewer.

Asphalt ace T.J. Reaid took his first ever dirt victory in the Crate Late Model feature Saturday. Reaid took the lead and never looked back as he led Hunter Jones, Maddie Crane, Gathan Burns and Ted Minnix to the checkered flag.

Andy Morris led the way in the Super Bomber feature for his third victory at Dixie this season. Randall Powell finished in second, with Terry Vollrath in third, Russell Schell in fourth and Daniel Brewer in fifth.

Retirement seems to be working out well for Dan Meadows in the Economy Bomber division as the former Lockheed employee took his fourth win of the season ahead of Chris Blalock in second, Jimmy Fetterman in third, David Burtz in fourth and James Gagnon in fifth.

Zack Sanders looked to have things well in hand for the win in the Pony Class until major mechanical problems sidelined him. This handed the lead over to Jamie Cross for several laps until Travis Smith made the pass on lap 12, and went on to score his fifth win of the season. Cross would stay in second trailed by Bo Jordan in third, Jeremy Ray in fourth and Mitchell Pope in fifth.

Todd Lankster once again made his way from the rear of the Cruiser field to take the win, his fifth of the season. Randy Ledford made his way to second with Jimmy Wilson, John Sexton, and George Wilson rounded out the top five.

Dixie Speedway will return to action July 12 with a Super Bomber Championship and Demolition Derby. For more info, visit dixiespeedway.com.

Dixie Speedway - Woodstock, GA
Race Results - June 28, 2014

Super Late Models
1. 24x Michael Page
2. 7 Donald McIntosh
3. 53 Ray Cook
4. 9 Jason Croft
5. 20 T.J. Alford
6. 17 Ricky Williams
7. 3 Luther Jenkins
8. 77 Doug Stevens
9. 8 David Payne
10. 21 Joe Armistead
11. 11 Austin Smith
12. x15 Shawn Chastain
13. 19 Wayne Echols
14. 17 Lamar Haygood
15. 9 Cass Fowler
16. 00 Johnny CHastain
17. 105 Preston Graves
18. 3 Jerry Loudermilk
19. xXx Bo Eaton
20. 07 Scott Hall
21. L7 Lee Sutton
22. H3 Kayne Hickman
23. 24 Buster Goss
24. F9 Frank Ingram

Steel Head Late Models
1. 1B Don Jenkins
2. 34 Chuck Padgett
3. 29 Chris Fennell
4. 23 Scottie Pritchett
5. 22 Michael Brewer
6. 14 Aaron Wilson
7. 10 Matthew Turner
8. 18x Mark Page
9. 21 Mario Gresham
10. 63 Rick Jennings
11. 2J Bob Johnson
12. 75 Ritchie Graham
13. 37 Clay Fancher
14. 52 George Ervin
15. 33 Scott Howard
16. g9 Eric Granger
17. 22 Alan Brewer (DNS)
18. 66 Richard Engleman (DNS)

Crate Late Models
1. 41 T.J. Reiad
2. 54 Hunter Jones
3. 78 Maddie Crane
4. 19 Gathan Burns
5. 97 Ted Minnix
6. 71 Cody Richards
7. 15 Mason Massey
8. 21 Stephen Clack
9. 49 Jeff Dernehl
10. 14 Slyvan Schvette
11. 37 Petey Cochran
12. 25 Henry Ward
13. 18r Ronnie Hughes
14. 1 Josh Morrow
15. 4 Shane Smith
16. 00 Matt Black
17. 14 Logan Palmer
18. 44 Curtis Cline

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