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Posted: Thursday, June 26th 2014 at 4:39pm

McCoy wins, has $250 bounty on his head at Lavonia

By Brandon Reed Staff
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David McCoy, seen here from an earlier victory, now has a $250 bounty on his head in Limited Late Model competition at Lavnoia Speedway. McCoy swept both the Limited Late Model and FASTRAK Crate Late Model features Friday night at Lavonia. / Photo: DTGW Productions
LAVONIA - David McCoy is a man with a bounty on his head.

The driver known to his fans as the “Bad Boy” earned that bounty after sweeping Friday night’s Late Model action on the high speed clay at Lavonia Speedway in Lavonia, GA, as he scored wins in both the Limited Late Model and FASTRAK Pro Late Model features.

The $250 bounty if on McCoy’s head in Limited Late Model competition beginning with this Friday night’s event. If a competitor can best McCoy and take the victory, they’ll take home the $250 bonus.

But McCoy has a lot to win himself. Nobody can claim that bonus within the next four races, he will pocket a cool $1,000 bonus.

In last week’s Limited Late Model feature, McCoy outran Clayton Turner for the victory. Bubba Russell finished in third, with Gus Simpson in fourth and Mike Ashley in fifth.

In the FASTRAK Pro Late Model race, McCoy scored the win over Brian Conner in second, with Steve “Hot Rod” LaMance in third, Jimmie Ivester in fourth and Paul Byrum in fifth.

In other action, Scott Morgan came home with the win in the Stock 4 feature. Kevin Kelly finished in second, with Brandon Stroud in third, Shannon Etheridge in fourth and Christopher Etheridge in fifth.

In Modified Street action, Rusty Jordan made the trip to Lavonia’s victory lane. Michael Segars ran second, followed by Keith Baker in third, Mark Wilbanks in fourth and Louise Tetreault in fifth.

Daniel Fowler picked up the Hobby Stock win, with Robins Collins, Mike Davis, Allen Davis and Steven Segars rounding out the top five.

Boo Man Galloway picked up the victory in the Rookie 4 feature. Matthew Ferguson finished in second, with Mallory Burdette in third and Josh Burkhalter in fourth.

Lavonia Speedway returns to action on Friday night.

Lavonia Speedway - Lavonia, GA
Race Results - June 20, 2014

Limited Late Model
1. #187 David McCoy
2. #102 Clayton Turner
3. #32 Bubba Russell
4. #11 Gus Simpson
5. #71 Mike Ashley
6. #10 Austin Dowling
7. #73 Justin Sims
8. #8 Anthony Craft
9. #99 Bobby Sexton

FASTRAK Pro Late Model
1. #3 David McCoy
2. #77 Brian Conner
3. #85 Steve "Hot Rod" LaMance
4. #37 Jimmie Ivester
5. #12 Paul Byrum
6. #2 Kyre Mullaney
7. #10 Bryce Alewine
8. #15 Jessie Ivester
9. #21 Cameron Crowe
10. #99 Lance Finn
11. #131 Vince Fanello
12. #6 Daniel Thomas
13. #21 Chris Mckehan

Stock 4
1. #M19 Scott Morgan
2. #88k Kevin Kelly
3. #17 Brandon Stroud
4. #21 Shannon Etheridge
5. #47 Christopher Etheridge
6. #99j Bo Rutherford
7. #5 Thomas Segars
8. #88n Adam Nation
9. #27 Holten Bradshaw
10. #07 Bobby Boshears
11. #08 Randy Boshears
12. #03 Larry Shackleford
13. #99k Kenny Dobbs
14. #10 Tony Babb
15. #21 Tyler Sease
16. #E11 Michael Courtney

Modified Street
1. #5 Rusty Jordon
2. #1 Michael Segars
3. #29 Keith Baker
4. #6 Mark Wilbanks
5. #41 Louise Tetreault
6. #39 Name Not Available
7. #4 Kevin White

1. #97 Daniel Fowler
2. #1 Robin Collins
3. #27 Mike Davis
4. #21 Allen Davis
5. #25 Steven Segars
6. #28 James Nash
7. #1A Louis Roberts
8. #23 Brad Russell
9. #17 Matthew Bryant
10. #66 Danny Murray

Rookie 4
1. #42 Boo Man Galloway
2. #0 Matthew Ferguson
3. #5 Mallory Burdette
4. #88 Josh Burkhalter

Link: Lavonia Speedway
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