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Posted: Wednesday, June 25th 2014 at 3:58pm

Bray battles for SECA Late Model victory at Hartwell

By Heather Rhoades
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Royce Bray powerslides his way through turns one and two en route to the SECA Late Model victory Saturday night at Hartwell Speedway. / Photo: Heather Rhoades
HARTWELL - Every season Hartwell Speedway in Hartwell, GA has one of those rare nights when everything seems to fall into place for a night so full of excitement people will be talking about it for weeks.

Saturday night was one of those nights, as Royce Bray powered his way to the lead of the SECA Late Model feature, and went on to score the victory.

Bray qualified on the outside of the front row for the feature, but from the start, he had his mind on the top spot. He put on a power move, sticking the nose of his racer all the way to the inside wall, looking for a little moisture on the Hartwell dirt. He would rocket past leader Steve “Hot Rod” LaMance, and would move away from there. LaMance had to work hard to hold off Greg Pilgrim for second place. Chris Cape came home in fourth with Grant Jordan in fifth.

In other action, David McCoy added yet another Limited Late Model trophy to his already full trophy case, this time holding Jimmy Johnson at bay to pick up the win. Bubba Russell finished in third, with Keith Freeman in fourth and Brant Carey in fifth.

Gerald Stanley held back a hard charging field of Hobby Stocks to score the victory. Rod Roberts motored home in second, with Mike Davidson in third, George Reese in fourth and Robin Collins in fifth.

Michael Segars crossed under the checkers first to grab the Modified Street victory. Rusty Jordan finished in second, followed by John Teasley in third, Kole Hardy in fourth and Jennifer Everett in fifth.

In Stock V8 action, George Fortson picked up the victory over Rocky Jones, who finished in second. Chase York, Ray Foskey and Ricky Mauldin rounded out the top five.

J.J. Garrett was the winner in the Stock Four Cylinder feature. Brad Brown crossed under the checkered flag in second, followed by Dustin Bales in third, Shane Strickland in fourth and Aaron Calvert in fifth.

Jessica Still came away with the victory in the Young Guns feature. Adam Partain followed for second, with Mallrie Burdette, Johnathan Cheesman and Jeremy Hicks rounding out the top five.

Robbie Cook took top honors in the Up Front feature. Jackie Holden finished in second, with Stacey Foster in third, Wayne Chapman, Jr. in fourth and J.J. Sorrow in fifth.

Hartwell Speedway – Hartwell, GA
Race Results – June 21, 2014

SECA Late Model
1. #121 Royce Bray
2. #85 Steve “Hot Rod” LaMance
3. #28 Greg Pilgram
4. #5 Chris Cape
5. #05 Grant Jordan
6. #98 Russell Fleeman
7. #10 Bryce Alewine
8. #12 Paul Byrum
9. #2 Kyre Mullaney
10. #31 Brad Morehead
11. #4 Danny Sanders
12. #1 Kenny Collins
13. #15 Cody Pritchett
14. #3 David McCoy

Limited Late Model
1. #187 David McCoy
2. #98 Jimmy Johnson
3. #32 Bubba Russell
4. #F1 Keith Freeman
5. #1A Brant Carey
6. #6 Anthony Craft
7. #95 Ted Crunkleton
8. #04 Ricky Colley
9. #73 Chris Nickerson
10. #99 Steve “Hot Rod” LaMance

1. #25 Gerald Stanley
2. #44 Rod Roberts
3. #27 Mike Davidson
4. #82 George Reece
5. #1 Robin Collins
6. #7 Matt Duke
7. #52 John Davis
8. #37 Sam Hicks

Modified Street
1. #1 Michael Segars
2. #5 Rusty Jordan
3. #87 John Teasley
4. #30 Kole Hardy
5. #19 Jennifer Everett
6. #11 Cougar Williams
7. #93 Richard Jones
8. #08 Need a Name
9. #42 Bradley Ogletree
10. #01 Johnathan Herrin
11. #37 Robby Campbell
12. #33 Aaron McIntosh

Stock V8
1. #27 George Fortson
2. #101 Rocky Jones
3. #505 Chase York
4. #22 Ray Foskey
5. #114 Ricky Mauldin
6. #9 Terry Brown

Stock Four Cylinder
1. #28 J.J. Garrett
2. #122 Brad Brown
3. #104 Dustin Bales
4. #19 Shane Strickland
5. #01 Aaron Calvert
6. #119 Daniel Doster
7. #28c Brent Couch
8. #B6 Chris Wilson
9. #23 Mason Tucker
10. #H3 Harley Holden
11. #88 Josh Epps
12. #02 Jimmy Little
13. #15 Ryan Boles

Young Guns
1. #08 Jessica Still
2. #87 Adam Partain
3. #5 Mallarie Burdette
4. #59 Johnathan Cheeseman
5. #1 Jeremy Hicks
6. #F1 Payton Freeman

Up Front
1. #81 Robby Cook
2. #67 Jackie Holden
3. #8 Stacey Foster
4. #73 Wayne Chapman Jr.
5. #45 J.J. Sorrow
6. #19 Justin Sorrow
7. #89 Joel Powell
8. #0 Daniel Reynolds
9. #00K Seth Brown

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