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Posted: Tuesday, June 10th 2014 at 2:39pm

Safety feature added to GPD vehicle bumpers

By Staff
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GAINESVILLE - The Gainesville Police Department has taken steps this week to better protect its officers and the motoring public by adding fluorescent chevrons to the back of our fleet.

"In an effort to reduce rear-end collisions and make the patrol vehicles more noticeable, we have added fluorescent chevrons to the back of our vehicles within the Operations Bureau," said GPD spokesman KevinHolbrook. "In Gainesville the highest numbers of auto crashes are typically cases in which vehicles are following too closely or in better terms, rear-end Holbrook added

"Numerous studies have shown that these fluorescent colors will improve visibility and conspicuity. Motorists canít react to what they donít see, the earlier the vehicle appears in the motoristís line of sight, the earlier their brain can react. The addition of reflective chevron markings on the back of patrol vehicles has been proven to reduce crashes from the rear."

Two years ago the department had an officer injured after he was struck by a vehicle while working a traffic accident.

"This officer was standing adjacent to his vehicle," Holbrook said. "it is our (hope) that we can prevent accidents such as this from occurring and protecting our best assets, our employees."
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