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Posted: Friday, May 9th 2014 at 11:30am

Sewer on schedule, under budget, for 365-corridor

By Marc Eggers Staff
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Ken Rearden
GAINESVILLE – As the wheels of growth are beginning to turn and gain momentum in Hall County, Ken Rearden, Director of Hall County Public Works and Utilities, updated guests of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce on the progress being made in developing sewer service along a valued corridor in northeastern Hall County.

“We are obligated to provide off-site sewer to the poultry lab within 36-months of closing on the property and we’re dead-on with that,” Rearden said.

Rearden was referring to the new Georgia Poultry Laboratory in the Gateway Industrial Centre off Highway 365, one of the first enterprises to locate in an area that county leaders view as having lucrative potential for growth.

Having sewer capacity, however, is vital to attracting other business ventures to the Centre.

“The 365-basin is a 6,800-acre basin…and we will have 750,000 gallons of capacity of sewer in March of 2015,” Rearden explained.

That equates to over 10.5 square miles, a prodigious undertaking by any measure.

“The way we work this deal,” Rearden explained, “is Hall County will operate the sewer system and bill the customers. We will pump the sewer to a manhole at Howard Road and White Sulphur Road and Gainesville will treat the flow at their Flat Creek waste water treatment plant in town.”

As for cost: “We are under budget,” Rearden said.

Rearden said one of the factors that helped keep costs low was a deal the County worked with the Georgia Department of Transportation. “We worked a deal out and we saved a lot of money by utilizing the DOT right-of-way.”

That eliminated the need to clear land under which pipe would be buried since the right-of-way is treeless. “We are very grateful to the DOT for allowing us to do that,” Rearden said.

County leaders, as well as those trying to attract business to Hall County, such as the Chamber of Commerce, envision the 365-corridor as a paradigm for job creation and revenue generation.

Yet there is a balance that needs to be maintained between providing for growth and maintaining the quality of life.

The unveiling of the new Hall County logo had taken place the evening before. Its design contains elements and colors that show at a glance how our area values the lake, the foothills, clean air…as well as the promise for sensible and profitable growth.

Responding to a question regarding the general public’s image of an industrial park as a place where trees are few, massive buildings are abundant, and noise and traffic can be concerns, Greater Hall Chamber Vice President of Economic Development, Tim Evans, said that strict protective covenants govern the entire 365-complex.

“In terms of industries, we’re looking for clean industries to begin with, businesses that would be good neighbors,” Evans replied. The infrastructure is ready and the County is working to attract those “good neighbor” enterprises.

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