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Posted: Friday, February 21st 2014 at 1:00am

Davis' Daytona Diaries: A buzz-worthy end to a great day

By Katie Davis Staff
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Ed Clark, president and CEO of Atlanta Motor Speedway on The Ken Coleman Show
After morning broadcasting, a quick bite to eat and, canít fib about this, a quick nap; Rebecca Cameron and I returned to Daytona International Speedway with Ken Coleman in tow.

It. Was. Hopping.

Fans were getting ready for the Budweiser Duel. Drivers were getting ready for the Budweiser Duel. The Fan Zone was packed and despite the heat, the joy was palpable.

Now, if this blog is to give you a true behind-the-scenes look, then I have to tell you about getting back to our broadcasting spot post-morning show.

It. Was. Awful.

You see, Thursday morning Ė as stated in the last blog Ė nobody was at the track so Rebecca and I had the run of the place.

By the time we picked up Ken at the airport after lunch, made a quick stop at Best Buy and got back to the track, everybody and their brother were there.

I wonít get into all the details, but suffice it to say if someone had been filming, we would win Americaís Funniest Home video. Why? Because the airport is next door to the track, the Best Buy is across the street, we picked Ken up at 1:45 p.m. and barely got hooked in by 2:50 p.m. to broadcast his 3 p.m. show from the same spot that took us 20 minutes to get to from the hotel 10 miles away that morning.

And remember my mentioning last blog post about my penchant for screwing up Thursday morning? Yea, it carried over into Thursday afternoon.

But that isnít important, what is important is how awesome The Ken Coleman Show was to be a part of Thursday afternoon.

Jeb Burton, son of Ward Burton, stopped by our tent to chat as did Ed Clark, president and CEO of Atlanta Motorspeedway and the Dale Jarrett (not some imitation, the real one).

Ken was at his best, never missing a beat in his practical and positive way and because he allowed me to come along for the broadcast, we stuck in a few sports-focused questions as well.

At the tail-end of Ken's show, I got to interview Chase Elliott ahead of his first Nationwide race Saturday. That young man is impressive and has a clear idea of who and what he wants to be: distractions be darned.

(As a side note, we did the interview in the media holding area and let me tell you, lesson learned from being there: If you aren't somebody, act like it).

The best part of the entire afternoon, though, was the backdrop.

You see, Iíve never been to a race and frankly, havenít ever had the want-to; but being in the center of a banking oval as cars whizz round and round kept the hairs on my arms up for the entirety of the afternoon.

The buzz Ė literally and figuratively Ė also kept spirits high for the entire WDUN pit crew.

The. Atmosphere. Was. Live.

And as I write these words to end this Thursday, alive is exactly how I still feel (however now itís the hotel air conditioner that has my arm hairs on high alert).

Link: We'll be updating the Game On with Katie B. Davis Facebook page throughout our time in Daytona with pictures and commentary
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