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Posted: Monday, December 2nd 2013 at 8:06pm

New Gainesville School Supt. quest inches forward

By Marc Eggers Staff
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Sammy Smith describes search process
GAINESVILLE – The search for a new Gainesville City School Superintendent has moved into its next phase: the application process has been completed and now the job of winnowing a successor to Dr. Merrianne Dyer is underway.

Last February Dr. Dyer announced her plan to retire on June 30, 2014, after serving as Superintendent since 2008.

Dyer is a Gainesville native and 1970 GHS graduate who began teaching in 1973, serving in Hall County since 1978 following several years of teaching in Mississippi.

At the time of Dyer’s announcement a survey was taken of system employees, school governance councils and members of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce asking what characteristics they hoped for in a new superintendent.

Even public comment on what qualities would make for a good replacement for Dr. Dyer was taken into consideration.

"There was a national announcement, brochures printed, advertisements placed, etcetera," Board member Sammy Smith said, acting as ad hoc spokesman for the Board regarding the search effort.

"This Board contracted with the Georgia School Boards Association as our consultant for the search. They are well-heeled and well-versed and very well-connected in this business," Smith continued to explain.

"The announcement produced 26 applicants from five states; most of those applicants were Georgians."

"The Georgia School Board Association then screened those applicants…and did their review and analysis and brought to us three tiers of applicants…we are working on that. We have conducted some interviews of some top flight candidates and we have more interviews scheduled."

"Our hope is to have an agreement and an announcement ready for the system and the community on January the eighth."

"We are asking that the system schedule a mid-year convocation, partly for the purpose of a mid-year convocation...and partly for the Board to announce a new Superintendent," Smith said.

Smith chuckled as he described the careful, but painstakingly slow, process of selecting a new leader for Gainesville City Schools.

"We’re very thankful for hours upon hours of a very methodical process. Slow. Methodical. Good. So bear with us, please. That’s where we stand."
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