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Posted: Tuesday, February 12th 2013 at 1:23pm

Lula development on track for Monday council action

By Rob Moore Editor
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The Lula City Council is expected to vote Monday night on a request by the developer who is purchasing Waterford Glen subdivision off Railroad Avenue. (Photo/Rob Moore)
LULA – A 106-lot subdivision off Railroad Avenue is on track for action by the Lula City Council on Monday.

Alex Powell, representing investor Jim Walters who is in the process of buying Waterford Glen subdivision from the bank, spoke at Monday night’s council work session.

On Monday, Mayor Milton Turner said Powell has agreed to abandon the request made at the council’s January meeting for the minimum square footage of homes in the subdivision to be reduced from 1,600 square feet to as low as 1,200 square feet.

“We feel like you guys are willing to work with us and we can together come up with a compromise with the square footage deal,” Powell said.

Builders who have expressed an interest in participating in the development would like the flexibility to build homes that are as small as 1,400 square feet, Powell said.

“There’s been no waiver yet by this council to make it less than 1,600 square feet in that subdivision,” Turner said. “You still would like to see some 1,400 – if you do, you’d better talk to this council before you go closing on the deal, because I’m not sure you’re going to get the votes for 1,400.”

“We were trying to get to a point that that’s not a deal-breaker,” Powell said.

Powell said the investor wants to close on the property, then come before the council with ideas on how to make the development successful.

Turner cautioned Powell that the investor not close the property with the expectation of any lower square footage requirement.

“Even though you mentioned it, you are taking a risk if you close that it might not happen,” Turner said. “Understand that when you close on the property, you are closing on 1,600 [square feet], with no guarantees.”

“We understand that – believe me, we understand that,” Powell said.

Once a proposed performance bonding agreement for roads and sidewalks is reviewed by City Attorney Brad Patten, Bergin said the development is ready for council action Monday night.
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