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Posted: Wednesday, October 24th 2012 at 5:27pm

Gainesville Care Center announces name change

By Marc Eggers Staff
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Board members Stacey Reece & Sherry Myers
FLOWERY BRANCH – The Gainesville Care Center has a new name: Choices Pregnancy Care Center .

Their mission, however, remains the same: "that one day in this county no Hall County residents will have an abortion because they choose life," according to Executive Director Ann Gainey.

For the past quarter-century the Gainesville Care Center has been providing crisis counseling and abortion alternatives to men and women caught in the emotional anguish of an unwanted pregnancy.

Over 13,000 clients have been served by the Care Center, according to Gainey, since the spring of 1987, with 1100 decisions to no longer seek an abortion.

The outreach, "blessed by God beyond measure", according to founding member Brad Dunagan, has now grown into its second location, on Winder Highway in Flowery Branch.

The additional location, combined with a public understanding about abortion alternatives that is "light-years removed from 1987", led to Gainey saying, "This (new) location happens to be in Flowery Branch and our name is Gainesville Care Center; so perhaps we need to consider a name change after twenty-five years."

"And," Gainey adds, "if you know the history of pregnancy centers…they on-purpose (chose) nondescript names so that girls would not be shy walking through the door…for fear of who might be watching them walk through a door (with) 'Pregnancy' in the name on the door."

"But now, twenty-five years later, our culture has changed. Young women and young men are no longer fearful of walking through a door where there is a sign that indicates pregnancy."

Gainey explained that Gainesville Care Center’s name was originally taken from the Atlanta Care Center, as that group was instrumental in helping them during their start-up.

"We wanted a name that would hopefully draw more clients who were considering abortion as their option to come to us for help," Gainey explained.

"The word 'Choice' usually only has one connotation, right? 'Pro-Choice' is a word associated with abortion in the thinking of many people. Our prayer is, when people see the sign…they will consider other choices to abortion."

Last January Gainesville resident Becka Kaltenbach, 20, discovered she was pregnant and needed someone to talk to about her options. Becka now stood with her 4-week old daughter, Hazel Joy, before the audience.

"I got an ultrasound and I got to hear her heartbeat," Becka said tearfully. "I just knew that I was a mother from that point on."

"I don't know what my life would be like without her now. She (Hazel) not only changed my life, but she saved my life, too."
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