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Posted: Monday, September 10th 2012 at 7:08pm

Hall School Board tackles traffic dilemma

By Marc Eggers Staff
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Dr. Damon Gibbs
GAINESVILLE – The Hall County School System approved at Monday night’s Board meeting a SPLOST III funding request to spend $59,000 in an attempt to resolve a twice-daily, long-standing traffic headache.

It happens at the intersection of Jim Hood and Odum Smallwood Roads, site of Mt. Vernon Elementary School.

If you live in or travel through northern Hall County around 7:45 AM or 2:15 PM during the school year you have probably learned to avoid the area.

"What we have there, twice a day, is…car rider traffic (that) extends out into the road and literally shuts down Jim Hood Road," said Dr. Damon Gibbs, Director of SPLOST Projects, Maintenance, and Facilities for Hall County Schools.

"We’re going to make a huge difference in their car rider traffic situation," Gibbs added.

When asked by Chairman Nath Morris what the plan was, Gibbs responded, "We’re going to put a car rider lane around back."

"Our goal is to get that traffic onto campus so that we can free up the road and hopefully prevent any accidents from happening," Gibbs added.

"He’s going to do the same thing he did at Spout Springs," Superintendent Will Schofield interjected. "We had to get cars off of Spout Springs Road and he did that."

Gibbs said that he would also be contacting Ken Rearden, Director of Hall County Public Works to begin a discussion about possibly paving T. Martin Road, a gravel road that borders the school to the east.

"But we’ve got enough (square) footage," Gibbs said, "where we are going back here…to take the majority of those cars off that road (Jim Hood)."

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