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Posted: Tuesday, August 21st 2012 at 10:16am

City Manager: Oakwood is poised for the future

By Marc Eggers Staff
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Stan Brown
OAKWOOD – Oakwood City Manager Stan Brown was the guest speaker at the South Hall Business Coalition’s monthly meeting. Brown told Coalition members that the City of Oakwood has lived "within their means".

"We follow the principle here that we don’t spend more than we bring in," Brown said. "It’s a principle, I learned, that works in your private life, as well."

That conservative approach, Brown explained, puts Oakwood on solid ground and ready for the future. "I think we are primed for a high rate of growth as it (the economy) starts coming back," Brown said.

As part of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce, Coalition members were attentive to Brown’s explanation for his optimism. “Financially we’ve been able to hang in there through this economic downturn.”

Brown credited as contributors to the city’s secure position the facts that there are nearly 4000 jobs in the city but only a population of 3900, combined with positive conditions in city management (no furloughs or lay-offs) and the second longest tenured mayor in Georgia, as reasons for his optimism.

Brown cited the recent consolidation of North Georgia College and State University with Gainesville State College to form North Georgia University as a golden opportunity for Oakwood.

"My vision is that it becomes the headquarters at some point," Brown said with a smile.

"Just look at the land situation," Brown added.

"We’ve got a lot more land here," Brown said, pausing briefly. "I just think there is great possibility of growth with the campus over here."

Brown also mentioned that the development of Exit 14 on I-985 is still alive and being pursued despite the set back of TSPLOST late in July.

"Look at all the investment that’s been made in the vicinity of (proposed) exit 14. Exit 14 has been a project out there long before completed Thurmon Tanner Parkway was a project," Brown reasoned.

"To me it’s still a very important project for us."

"At the end of the day we feel we are a stable, unified government," Brown said concluding his presentation. "We are positioned well for the future and to me it’s an exciting place to be."

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