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Football 2013: Full Schedule

By Morgan Lee Editor
Area teams listed by Region and alphabetical order

Region 6-AAAAAA
North Forsyth
Raiders - Black, Silver & Purple
Aug. 30 vs. Forsyth Central
Sept. 6 vs. Dawson County
Sept. 13 at Cherokee
Sept. 20 at Chattahoochee
Sept. 27 vs. Lambert
Oct. 11 vs. Alpharetta
Oct. 18 at West Forsyth
Oct. 25 vs. Centennial
Nov. 1 at Johns Creek
Nov. 8 vs. South Forsyth

Region 7-AAAAAA
Habersham Central
Raiders - Blue & Orange
Aug. 30 at White County
Sept. 6 vs. Stephens County
Sept. 13 at Collins Hill
Sept. 20 vs. Mountain View
Sept. 27 at Peachtree Ridge
Oct. 4 vs. Norcross
Oct. 11 at Meadowcreek
Oct. 18 vs. North Gwinnett
Oct. 25 at Duluth
Nov. 1 vs. Mill Creek

Mill Creek
Hawks - Cardinal, Vegas Gold & Navy
Aug. 30 at Dacula
Sept. 6 vs. Brookwood
Sept. 13 at Mountain View
Sept. 20 at Peachtree Ridge
Sept. 27 at Norcross
Oct. 4 vs. Meadowcreek
Oct. 11 at North Gwinnett
Oct. 18 vs. Duluth
Nov. 1 at Habersham Central
Nov. 8 vs. Collins Hill

North Gwinnett
Bulldogs - Black, Red & White
Aug. 24 vs. Camden County (Georgia Dome)
Aug. 30 at Grayson
Sept. 13 at Norcross
Sept. 20 vs. Meadowcreek
Oct. 4 at Duluth
Oct. 11 vs. Mill Creek
Oct. 18 at Habersham Central
Oct. 25 vs. Collins Hill
Nov. 1 at Mountain View
Nov. 8 vs. Peachtree Ridge

Region 8-AAAAA
Wildcats - Navy & Gold
Aug. 30 vs. Lanier
Sept. 6 at Greater Atlanta Christian
Sept. 20 vs. Gainesville
Sept. 27 at Clarke Central
Oct. 04 at Flowery Branch
Oct. 11 vs. Loganville
Oct. 18 vs. Cedar Shoals
Oct. 25 at Salem
Nov. 1 at Heritage, Conyers
Nov. 8 vs. Winder-Barrow

Flowery Branch
Falcons - Black, Red & White
Aug. 30 at Northside, Warner Robins
Sept. 6 vs. West Forsyth
Sept. 13 vs. Cedar Shoals
Sept. 20 at Loganville
Sept. 27 vs. Salem
Oct. 4 vs. Apalachee
Oct. 11 at Winder-Barrow
Oct. 18 at Heritage, Conyers
Oct. 25 vs. Clarke Central
Nov. 8 at Gainesville

Red Elephants - Red & White
Aug. 30 at West Forsyth
Sept. 6 vs. Buford
Sept. 13 vs. Winder-Barrow
Sept. 20 at Apalachee
Sept. 27 at Heritage, Conyers
Oct. 4 vs. Cedar Shoals
Oct. 11 vs. Salem
Oct. 18 at Clarke Central
Nov. 1 at Loganville
Nov. 8 vs. Flowery Branch

Bulldoggs - Red & Black
Aug. 30 vs. Jackson County
Sept. 6 vs. Monroe Area
Sept. 13 at Gainesville
Sept. 20 vs. Salem
Oct. 4 at Heritage, Conyers
Oct.11 vs. Flowery Branch
Oct. 18 vs. Loganville
Oct. 25 at Cedar Shoals
Nov. 1 vs. Clarke Central
Nov. 8 at Apalachee

Region 8-AAAA
War Eagles - Black, Silver & Maroon
Aug. 30 at North Hall
Sept. 6 vs. West Hall
Sept. 20 at Eastside
Sept. 27 vs. Stephens County
Oct. 4 at Johnson, Gainesville
Oct. 11 at Walnut Grove
Oct. 18 at Lanier
Oct. 25 vs. Lumpkin County
Nov. 1 at Monroe Area
Nov. 8 vs. Madison County

Knights - Columbia Blue, Navy & White
Aug. 23 at West Hall
Aug. 30 at Oglethorpe County
Sept. 6 vs. North Hall
Sept. 13 at North Murray
Sept. 20 vs. East Hall
Oct. 4 vs. Chestatee
Oct. 11 vs. Clarkston
Oct. 18 at Druid Hills (Adams Stadium)
Oct. 25 vs. Pickens
Nov. 8 vs. Region 7-AAAA TBA

Lumpkin County
Indians - Purple & Vegas Gold
Aug. 30 at Dawson County
Sept. 6 vs. White County
Sept. 13 vs. West Hall
Sept. 20 vs. Monroe Area
Sept. 27 vs. Walnut Grove
Oct. 11 at Madison County
Oct. 18 at Eastside
Oct. 25 at Chestatee
Nov. 1 vs. Lanier
Nov. 8 at Stephens County

Stephens County
Indians - Red & Black
Aug. 30 vs. Franklin County
Sept. 6 at Habersham Central
Sept. 13 vs. Hart County
Sept. 20 at Walnut Grove
Sept. 27 at Chestatee
Oct. 11 vs. Monroe Area
Oct. 18 vs. Madison County
Oct. 25 at Lanier
Nov. 1 at Eastside
Nov. 8 vs. Lumpkin County

Region 7-AAA
Banks County
Leopards - Blue & White
Aug. 30 at East Jackson
Sept. 6 vs. Athens Christian
Sept. 13 vs. Commerce
Sept. 20 at West Hall
Sept. 27 at Buford
Oct. 4 at Dawson County
Oct. 18 vs. Fannin County
Oct. 25 at East Hall
Nov. 1 vs. North Hall
Nov. 8 vs. White County

Wolves - Green, Gold & White
Aug. 30 vs. Elbert County
Sept. 6 at Gainesville
Sept. 13 vs. Hancock Central
Sept. 27 vs. Banks County
Oct. 4 at West Hall
Oct. 11 vs. White County
Oct. 18 at Dawson County
Oct. 25 at Fannin County
Nov. 1 vs. East Hall
Nov. 8 at North Hall

Dawson County
Tigers - Maroon & Gold
Aug. 23 at East Hall
Aug. 30 vs. Lumpkin County
Sept. 6 at North Forsyth
Sept. 13 vs. Forsyth Central
Sept. 27 at North Hall
Oct. 4 vs. Banks County
Oct. 18 vs. Buford
Oct. 25 at White County
Nov. 1 vs. Fannin County
Nov. 8 vs. West Hall

East Hall
Vikings - Black & Gold
Aug. 23 vs. Dawson County
Aug. 30 vs. Chattooga
Sept. 13 at East Jackson
Sept. 20 at Johnson, Gainesville
Sept. 27 vs. White County
Oct. 4 at North Hall
Oct. 18 at West Hall
Oct. 25 vs. Banks County
Nov. 1 at Buford
Nov. 8 vs. Fannin County

Fannin County
Rebels - Blue & Gray
Aug. 30 vs. Gilmer
Sept. 6 vs. Union County
Sept. 13 at White County
Sept. 20 at Murphy, N.C.
Sept. 27 vs. West Hall
Oct. 11 vs. North Hall
Oct. 18 at Banks County
Oct. 25 vs. Buford
Nov. 1 at Dawson County
Nov. 8 at East Hall

North Hall
Trojans - Green & White
Aug. 30 vs. Chestatee
Sept. 6 at Johnson, Gainesville
Sept. 13 at Jefferson
Sept. 27 vs. Dawson County
Oct. 4 vs. East Hall
Oct. 11 at Fannin County
Oct. 18 at White County
Oct. 25 vs. West Hall
Nov. 1 at Banks County
Nov. 8 vs. Buford

West Hall
Spartans - Navy & Silver
Aug. 23 vs. Johnson, Gainesville
Sept. 6 at Chestatee
Sept. 13 at Lumpkin County
Sept. 20 vs. Banks County
Sept. 27 at Fannin County
Oct. 4 vs. Buford
Oct. 18 vs. East Hall
Oct. 25 at North Hall
Nov. 1 vs. White County
Nov. 8 at Dawson County

White County
Warriors - Navy, White & Vegas Gold
Aug. 30 vs. Habersham Central
Sept. 6 at Lumpkin County
Sept. 13 vs. Fannin County
Sept. 20 vs. Blessed Trinity
Sept. 27 at East Hall
Oct. 11 at Buford
Oct. 18 vs. North Hall
Oct. 25 vs. Dawson County
Nov. 1 at West Hall
Nov. 8 at Banks County

Region 8-AAA
East Jackson
Eagles - Navy Blue & Silver
Aug. 30 vs. Banks County
Sept. 6 at Commerce
Sept. 13 vs. East Hall
Sept. 20 vs. Jackson County
Sept. 27 vs. Elbert County
Oct. 4 at Hart County
Oct. 18 at Morgan County
Oct. 25 at North Oconee
Nov. 1 vs. Franklin County
Nov. 8 at Oconee County

Jackson County
Panthers - Red, Black & White
Aug. 30 at Winder-Barrow
Sept. 6 vs. Jefferson
Sept. 13 at Athens Christian
Sept. 20 at East Jackson
Sept. 27 at North Oconee
Oct. 4 vs. Franklin County
Oct. 18 vs. Hart County
Oct. 25 vs. Oconee County
Nov. 1 at Elbert County
Nov. 8 vs. Morgan County

Region 8-AA
Dragons - Royal Blue, Red & White
Aug. 30 vs. Commerce
Sept. 6 at Jackson County
Sept. 13 vs. North Hall
Sept. 27 vs. Greene County
Oct. 4 at Washington-Wilkes
Oct. 11 vs. Rabun County
Oct. 18 at Oglethorpe County
Oct. 25 vs. Social Circle
Nov. 1 at Riverside Military
Nov. 8 at Union County

Rabun County
Wildcats - Red & White
Sept. 6 vs. Hayesville, N.C.
Sept. 13 at Towns County
Sept. 20 vs. Commerce
Sept. 27 vs. Social Circle
Oct. 4 vs. Riverside Military
Oct. 11 at Jefferson
Oct. 18 at Washington-Wilkes
Oct. 25 at Union County
Nov. 1 vs. Greene County
Nov. 8 at Oglethorpe County

Riverside Military
Eagles - Blue & White
Sept. 6 at Whitefield Academy
Sept. 13 vs. Georgia Military College
Sept. 20 vs. Washington-Wilkes
Sept. 27 vs. Oglethorpe County
Oct. 4 at Rabun County
Oct. 11 vs. Union County
Oct. 18 vs. Social Circle
Oct. 25 at Glascock County
Nov. 1 vs. Jefferson
Nov. 8 at Greene County

Union County
Panthers - Purple & Gold
Aug. 30 vs. Towns County
Sept. 6 at Fannin County
Sept. 13 at Andrews, N.C.
Sept. 27 at Washington-Wilkes
Oct. 4 vs. Oglethorpe County
Oct. 11 at Riverside Military
Oct. 18 vs. Greene County
Oct. 25 vs. Rabun County
Nov. 1 at Social Circle
Nov. 8 vs. Jefferson

Region 8-A
Tigers - Black & Gold
Aug. 30 at Jefferson
Sept. 6 vs. East Jackson
Sept. 13 at Banks County
Sept. 20 at Rabun County
Sept. 27 vs. George Walton Academy
Oct. 4 at Athens Christian
Oct. 11 vs. Prince Avenue Christian
Oct. 18 vs. Athens Academy
Oct. 25 at Hebron Christian Academy
Nov. 8 at Pinecrest Academy

Lakeview Academy
Lions - Navy & Silver
Aug. 30 at Fellowship Christian
Sept. 6 vs. Hebron Christian Academy
Sept. 20 vs. Pinecrest Academy
Sept. 27 at Athens Academy
Oct. 4 at Wesleyan
Oct. 11 vs. Cross Keys
Oct. 18 vs. St. Francis
Oct. 25 at North Cobb Christian
Nov. 1 at Towns County

Towns County
Indians - Blue & White
Aug. 23 vs. Hayesville, N.C.
Aug. 30 at Union County
Sept. 6 vs. Fellowship Christian
Sept. 13 vs. Rabun County
Sept. 20 at Rabun Gap
Oct. 4 vs. Copper Basin, Tenn.
Oct. 18 at North Cobb Christian
Oct. 25 at St. Francis
Nov. 1 vs. Lakeview Academy
Nov. 8 at Hebron Christian Academy

Listed in alphabetical order by visiting team

Aug. 23
Dawson County at East Hall
Hayesville. N.C. at Towns County
Johnson at West Hall

Aug. 24
North Gwinnett vs. Camden County (Georgia Dome)

Aug. 30
Banks County at East Jackson
Chattooga at East Hall
Chestatee at North Hall
Commerce at Jefferson
Elbert County vs. Buford
Flowery Branch at Northside, Warner Robins
Forsyth Central at North Forsyth
Franklin County at Stephens County
Gainesville at West Forsyth
Gilmer at Fannin County
Habersham Central at White County
Jackson County at Winder-Barrow
Johnson at Oglethorpe County
Lakeview Academy at Fellowship Christian
Lumpkin County at Dawson County
Lanier at Apalachee
Mill Creek at Dacula
North Gwinnett at Grayson
Towns County at Union County

Sept. 6
Apalachee at Greater Atlanta Christian
Athens Christian at Banks County
Brookwood at Mill Creek
Buford at Gainesville
Dawson County at North Forsyth
East Jackson at Commerce
Fellowship Christian at Towns County
Hayesville, N.C. at Rabun County
Hebron Christian at Lakeview Academy
Jefferson at Jackson County
Monroe Area at Winder-Barrow
North Hall at Johnson
Oconee County at Lanier
Riverside Military at Whitefield Academy
Stephens County at Habersham Central
Union County at Fannin County
West Forsyth at Flowery Branch
West Hall at Chestatee
White County at Lumpkin County

Sept. 13
Cedar Shoals at Flowery Branch
Commerce at Banks County
East Hall at East Jackson
Fannin County at White County
Forsyth Central at Dawson County
Georgia Military at Riverside Military
Habersham Central at Collins Hill
Hancock Central at Buford
Hart County at Stephens County
Jackson County at Athens Christian
Johnson at North Murray
Lanier at Franklin County
Mill Creek at Mountain View
North Forsyth at Cherokee
North Gwinnett at Norcross
North Hall at Jefferson
Rabun County at Towns County
Union County At Andrews, N.C.
West Hall at Lumpkin County
Winder-Barrow at Gainesville

Sept. 20
Banks County at West Hall
Blessed Trinity at White County
Chestatee at Eastside
Commerce at Rabun County
East Hall at Johnson
Fannin County at Murphy, N.C.
Flowery Branch at Loganville
Gainesville at Apalachee
Jackson County at East Jackson
Lanier at Madison County
Meadowcreek at North Gwinnett
Mill Creek at Peachtree Ridge
Monroe Area at Lumpkin County
Mountain View at Habersham Central
North Forsyth at Chattahoochee
Pinecrest Academy at Lakeview Academy
Salem at Winder-Barrow
Stephens County at Walnut Grove
Towns County at Rabun Gap
Washington-Wilkes at Riverside Military

Sept. 27
Apalachee at Clarke Central
Banks County at Buford
Dawson County at North Hall
Elbert County at East Jackson
Gainesville at Heritage, Conyers
George Walton at Commerce
Greene County at Jefferson
Habersham Central at Peachtree Ridge
Jackson County at North Oconee
Lakeview Academy at Athens Academy
Lambert at North Forsyth
Lanier at Monroe Area
Oglethorpe County at Riverside Military
Salem at Flowery Branch
Social Circle at Rabun County
Stephens County at Chestatee
Union County At Washington-Wilkes
Walnut Grove at Lumpkin County
West Hall at Fannin County
White County at East Hall
Mill Creek at Norcross

Oct. 4
Apalachee at Flowery Branch
Banks County at Dawson County
Buford at West Hall
Cedar Shoals at Gainesville
Chestatee at Johnson
Commerce at Athens Christian
Copper Basin, Tenn. at Towns County
East Hall at North Hall
East Jackson at Hart County
Franklin County at Jackson County
Jefferson at Washington-Wilkes
Lakeview Academy at Wesleyan
Meadowcreek at Mill Creek
Norcross at Habersham Central
North Gwinnett at Duluth
Oglethorpe County at Union County
Riverside Military at Rabun County
Winder-Barrow at Heritage, Conyers

Oct. 11
Alpharetta at North Forsyth
Chestatee at Walnut Grove
Clarkston at Johnson
Cross Keys at Lakeview Academy
Eastside at Lanier
Flowery Branch at Winder-Barrow
Habersham Central at Meadowcreek
Loganville at Apalachee
Lumpkin County at Madison County
Mill Creek at North Gwinnett
Monroe Area at Stephens County
North Hall at Fannin County
Prince Avenue at Commerce
Rabun County at Jefferson
Salem at Gainesville
Union County at Riverside Military
White County at Buford

Oct. 18
Athens Academy at Commerce
Buford at Dawson County
Cedar Shoals at Apalachee
Chestatee at Lanier
Duluth at Mill Creek
East Hall at West Hall
East Jackson at Morgan County
Fannin County at Banks County
Flowery Branch at Heritage, Conyers
Gainesville at Clarke Central
Greene County at Union County
Hart County at Jackson County
Jefferson at Oglethorpe County
Johnson at Druid Hills
Loganville at Winder-Barrow
Lumpkin County at Eastside
Madison County at Stephens County
North Forsyth at West Forsyth
North Gwinnett at Habersham Central
North Hall at White County
Rabun County at Washington-Wilkes
St. Francis at Lakeview Academy
Social Circle at Riverside Military
Towns County at North Cobb Christian

Oct. 25
Apalachee at Salem
Banks County at East Hall
Buford at Fannin County
Centennial at North Forsyth
Clarke Central at Flowery Branch
Collins Hill at North Gwinnett
Commerce at Hebron Christian
Dawson County at White County
East Jackson at North Oconee
Habersham Central at Duluth
Lakeview Academy at North Cobb Christian
Lumpkin County at Chestatee
Oconee County at Jackson County
Pickens at Johnson
Rabun County at Union County
Riverside Military at Glascock County
Social Circle at Jefferson
Stephens County at Lanier
Towns County at St. Francis
West Hall at North Hall
Winder-Barrow at Cedar Shoals

Nov. 1
Apalachee at Heritage, Conyers
Chestatee at Monroe Area
Clarke Central at Winder-Barrow
East Hall at Buford
Fannin County at Dawson County
Franklin County at East Jackson
Gainesville at Loganville
Greene County at Rabun County
Jackson County at Elbert County
Jefferson at Riverside Military
Lakeview Academy at Towns County
Lanier at Lumpkin County
Mill Creek at Habersham Central
North Forsyth at Johns Creek
North Gwinnett at Mountain View
North Hall at Banks County
Stephens County at Eastside
Union County at Social Circle
White County at West Hall

Nov. 8
Buford at North Hall
Collins Hill at Mill Creek
Commerce at Pinecrest Academy
East Jackson at Oconee County
Fannin County at East Hall
Flowery Branch at Gainesville
Jefferson at Union County
Johnson vs. Region 7-AAAA team, TBA
Lumpkin County at Stephens County
Madison County at Chestatee
Morgan County at Jackson County
Peachtree Ridge at North Gwinnett
Rabun County at Oglethorpe County
Riverside Military at Greene County
South Forsyth at North Forsyth
Towns County at Hebron Christian
Walnut Grove at Lanier
West Hall at Dawson County
White County at Banks County
Winder-Barrow at Apalachee
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