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Posted: Thursday, August 2nd 2012 at 10:26am

The Establishment vs. a Patriot

By Jim Threlkeld Staff
When Paul Broun was our Congressman, he was not supported by the Republican Establishment. That was because the Republican Establishment knew Broun would vote for what is best for America, and not what is best for the Republican Party. You see, no party likes for their members to be independent thinkers. By Congressman Broun being a Patriot and standing up for what is best for Americans, he was rewarded with 70% or more of our vote in every election.

Since Congressman Broun is now in another district, we are faced with the same choice of supporting the Republican Establishment or supporting another Patriot.

I am not downgrading Mr. Collins, but he has proven who he really represents. When in the Georgia General Assembly, at times, he voted for what was best for the party over what was best for the public. One example is by Congressman Collins voting to raise the debt ceiling, bureaucrats can now spend an additional $200 million dollars of your hard-earned tax dollars with little oversight or accountability.

We need another true patriot to represent us just as Congressman Broun has as our congressman. That is why I am supporting a true patriot in Martha Zoller for Congress.

I went to high school with Congressman Broun and knew what kind of person he was and is. From knowing Martha for many years, I believe she is out of the same mold as Paul Broun. I am confident that Martha will remain sincere and do what she says - not what sounds good to get elected. Also, I do not believe she can be convinced to be swayed in the wrong direction which is a vital trait.

I am asking for you to vote for the Patriot Martha Zoller over the Republican Establishment’s candidate, Doug Collins.

May God Bless America.

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