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Posted: Sunday, July 22nd 2012 at 10:39am

Life of Christ comes alive through one-day Family Bible School

By Rob Moore Editor
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Zacchaeus (Joe Renfro) talks about how to receive salvation at the conclusion of Saturday’s Family Vacation Bible School sponsored by Pleasant Grove Baptist Church of Lavonia. (Photo/Rob Moore)
LAVONIA – Many churches do a one-day Vacation Bible School, but one Franklin County church did an extreme one-day Family VBS on Saturday.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Lavonia took VBS participants on a walking journey of Jesus’ life, from birth to ascension, on a farm a few miles from the church.

Organized by Jody Cannon Farley, the event transformed a farm into the Holy Land, with the path along two creeks on the property.

“God came to us maybe a month ago and said, ‘this is what I want done,’ and all I did was mention it and several ran with it,” Farley told those gathered. “Throughout this time, there have been several people over this land praying over this land – not just one time, but several times. They’ve been walking this land and praying, praying for you, so you’re not here by accident. God had you here for such a time as this.”

A foot bridge connected the parking area with the Holy Land, where guides led those in attendance to the stable where Jesus was born, then traced his life to the temple, to his baptism in the Jordan River, and to the road of miracles where He healed the blind man and fed the multitude. Along the way, visitors encountered Zacchaeus, who was up in a tree.

After pausing to partake in Jesus’ miracle of blessing the loaves and fishes, participants moved on to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed, was betrayed, and was arrested. From there, a Roman soldier stood by the cross where Jesus had been crucified.

Finally, Mary Magdalene visited the tomb and found Jesus’ body missing after He rose from the dead.

“You have seen the drama today,” Zacchaeus (Joe Renfro) told those gathered. “You have seen how God put it all together. You have seen how God has even cooperated with the weather. We praise His holy name. We praise God for all the hard work that everyone has done, and how God has weaved it together to help us glorify Him.”

Farley said the VBS was done as a result of God’s leading.

“We decided that our church was going to do something different this year and one-day Bible school sounded good,” Farley said following the VBS. “But the real reason that it came together is our church is going through many changes this year and I believe that God just sent it to us. It brought us together – old, young, new – and He gave us each and every part that was out there. We did nothing but just follow Him.”

Carol Renfro took care of costuming for the mass cast.

Transforming Ron and Angela Prier's farmland into parking and a trail of Jesus’ life was not an overnight process. It took a lot of work.

Storms the previous weekend prompted the postponement to Saturday. In fact, a new and improved footbridge had to be constructed after those previous rains washed out the original.

“We were concerned about how it would go, but He just put it right into place,” Farley said. “The Holy Spirit came out. We couldn’t find a dove; God sent us a dove. We couldn’t find boy actors; God sent us boy actors. It’s just been a miracle.”

Farley was pleased with the outcome of the event.

“We really didn’t do anything,” Farley said. “We were instruments and He used us, and the number that was here, the crowd that was here, the actors – that was a blessing.”

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is located at 250 Pleasant Grove Road, just off Highway 17, Lavonia.

“He’s just making a difference at Pleasant Grove in Lavonia,” Farley said.
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