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Posted: Friday, July 20th 2012 at 9:53am

Compassion for Obama

By Jim Threlkeld Staff
As you know, I have been bashing Obama for many months and maybe I was wrong to come down so hard on him. After all, he has had no experience running any type of business and he never had to live off a paycheck earned in the private sector. With that in mind, I am a bad boy for saying such nasty things about someone as incompetent as him. I guess I was just being a bully and in America that has become the worst of the worst.

My gosh, as I look back, the only thing Obama has ever done was become some sort of assistant professor teaching constitutional law at a university that taught that the Constitution of the United States should be overturned and ignored every chance one got. How can you expect someone like Obama to govern in a capitalist society when he admittedly surrounded himself with Communist Professors? You sure canít learn the Capitalist System from those old Commies. Therefore, you have to try and pity Obama since all his socialist policies have failed and he has nearly bankrupted the nation. Come on, he just doesnít know any better. Donít blame him for running up the National Debt so high that even our children and grandchildren canít pay for it in two generations. He is only being Obama, for goodness sake.

When I consider Obamaís past job experience, I cannot leave out his being a radical community organizer for ACORN, an organization that has violated so many laws even the police has given up counting. Maybe that On the Job Training with ACORN is why he doesnít have any trouble going around congress doing whatever he wants, whether it is against the law or not. Please open your hearts and have compassion for this bungling law breaker. Gracious goodness, he is just doing his best based on his education and his on the job training. Sort of makes me think of how a Marxist Barney Fife would have been as our president.

Hopefully, you can now understand his reasoning for destroying this nationís economy and attempting to place everyone on welfare. Feel better now?

Remember, you will have a chance in November to get four more years of the same old Obama unskilled stuff if you pull that lever or punch that computer button for him. I mean, arenít you enjoying such a novice in the White House? Itís just such a secure feeling, ya know?

Jim is the author of Where Roses Have No Thorns. The book is available and other internet outlets.
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