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Posted: Monday, July 16th 2012 at 7:30pm

16 Hall school buses up for sale

By Marc Eggers Staff
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GAINESVILLE – The Hall County School Board is holding nothing back as they wrestle with budget deficits caused by shrinking tax digests and increased operating costs. At Monday night's meeting the Board voted to designate a number of school buses as surplus and, therefore, available for sale.

“We have sixteen buses with anywhere from 160,000…to close to 300,000 (miles)…we’re going to try to sell those through Craig’s List and some non-traditional means,” Superintendent Will Schofield told the Board.

“We’ll see if we can’t sell them in smaller packets to churches and private groups that might be interested,” Schofield explained.

“We never get but $1200-$1500 apiece; we think we can maybe do a little better than that this year with our surplus buses.”

The reason for the surplus existing in the school system’s fleet is due in part to newer buses replacing older buses, as well as the increase in the number of students who participate in at-home studies online and home schooling curriculums.

“It (the sales receipts) would go into the general fund and help to pay teacher salaries,” Schofield added.


Dr. Eloise Barren, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, said that preliminary CRCT test results showed score improvement in several areas, regression in others, with little net change overall.

“We’re very close to last year, and more increases than decreases,” Barren said.

“I think when you factor in that we’re not going to school 180 days anymore, we’ve got 130 fewer teachers than we had four years ago and we’ve got 800 more students,” Schofield suggested, “…the fact that we’re holding our own is probably pretty good news right now in terms of standardized test scores.”

“While other people will be making a big deal out of science and social studies scores…we will continue to stress reading and mathematics in those early grades,” Schofield said.

“Children have to learn to read before they can read to learn,” Schofield added.

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