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Posted: Friday, June 29th 2012 at 10:44am

This Election Will Tell Alot About the American People

By Jim Threlkeld Staff
The results of the forthcoming Presidential election will tell just what the American people now want their country to become. This Presidential election will enlighten us as to whether the American people have the same toughness to achieve what Americans before them had.

America is at a crossroads. Do the American people wish to travel the path that Europe has trod? That European path is one of government control over their lives. Along with their individual defeated attitude, the average European people now have many entitlements which have led to a bankrupt treasury, which in turn leads to gnashing of the teeth of those citizens who no longer receive these benefits when the government is broke. America’s bankruptcy is hanging in the balance in this presidential election as this administration is leading us in the same debt path as our European friends.

Many European countries have traded their faith in God for faith in man which has led to moral decay in Europe. This nation is headed in the same direction under its current leadership. We can either remain a nation based on God and traditional values which permeates successful lives or we can be a part of a nation that is based on doing what feels good and leads to destruction. The outcome will depend on who is elected as president this November.

This nation, since its founding, has derived its strength due to God and the determination of each individual to succeed on his or her merits. Once that individual determination is substituted for government rule over his life, this nation, as has happened to all nations who have given the government immense control, will cease to be successful.

Since I have lived when individual responsibility was the rule, the experience has enabled me to witness the greatness of the American spirit. I have also seen what can occur when a people start to depend on a man for their success. This transformation of America is an abomination!

Where do we go from here? Will this nation recover from the past several years of government rule? Or will the American people demand individual freedom again?

I guess we will see in November.

Jim is the author of Where Roses Have No Thorns. The book is available at and other internet outlets.

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