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Posted: Tuesday, June 12th 2012 at 2:01pm

Two Cents

By Bill Wilson Staff
It was awards day at my sonís elementary school the other day. This is a phenomenon that didnít happen during my days at John Henry Neff elementary in Pennsylvania decades ago. Now, Iíve attended several. The teachers invite the parents in, first thing in the morning, on the penultimate day of the year, and hands out folders outlining little Johnnyís achievements for the year. Some are actual academic achievements, like reaching his accelerated reading goal each quarter. But there are also individual achievement awards, individual to each child. Maybe Sue had the best style sense, and Margaret was the best speller. Johnny himself was most likely to be Ö well Ö letís call it like it was Ö my son is the most likely to grow up to be a scientist.

Will was in a class with exceptional kids, for the most part. But it got me thinking about the poor elementary school teachers that had Ömaybe more challenging students. What about the awards for the kids that spent the most hours with the principal, or the guidance counselor. How about the kid who consumed the most paste, or the one that always seemed to be running with scissors pointed the wrong way? What awards do you give THEM, in front of their parents?

We live in a society now where EVERYBODY has to get SOME award. This point was driven home by the Cub Scouts this past spring. Mom, Grandpa and Will worked slavishly on a Pinewood Derby car that commemorated the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Sadly, it didnít break any speed records. But because EVERYBODY has to get an award, we are the proud owners of the Pack 39 Best Use of Glue Award 2012. Not everybody has THAT on their mantelpiece.

Iím Bill Wilson, and thatís my two cents.

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