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Posted: Thursday, June 7th 2012 at 9:37am

Little Girls

By Jim Threlkeld Staff
This is a follow up writing to the column I wrote entitled Unborn Girls Beware of Democrats. In that column I reported that Planned Parenthood, the abortion clinic which receives $500 million of your tax dollars, has been caught providing abortions for women who want boy babies and do not want the girl babies.

Here is what I want to convey to you in this column:

I am fortunate to have 5 grandchildren, four of which are girls. This past week my wife and I had the pleasure of having two of our granddaughters spend several days with us. It was a treat. As I watched two of my four granddaughters read, swim, laugh, giggle and just be their precious selves, I had a sinking feeling knowing that somewhere at this moment, some woman is seeking an abortion from Planned Parenthood to kill their prospective daughter who will not have the chance to read, swim, giggle and just be her precious self.

It boggles my mind that a woman could be so selfish as to destroy a little girl just because they wanted a boy child. And, it angers me that we have an organization such as Planned Parenthood who is paid with our tax dollars to perform this murder.

It also baffles my mind that we have a Democrat President and a Democrat Congress who supports this devastation of the unborn human life.

I am a Christian and pray for all people who commit this murder and for those who support the massacre of the most innocent among us. I pray that they change their hearts. For those who donít, I know there is a judgment day which does give me comfort.

Jim is the author of Where Roses Have No Thorns. The book is available at www.amazon.com and other internet outlets.

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