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Posted: Friday, September 30th 2011 at 7:58pm

Martha Zoller campaign for Congress kicks-off

By Marc Eggers Staff
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Martha Zoller
GAINESVILLE – "My opponent…Doug Collins, and he's a good man…says he’s the only one in this race with experience. Isn't it just like politicians to say that only elected experience counts?" said 9th district congressional candidate Martha Zoller at her 'Congress Kick-off Rally' held Friday evening on Roosevelt Square in downtown Gainesville.

The campaign is underway; let the race begin.

Zoller, a longtime conservative radio talk show hostess but a newcomer to running for elected office, argued that her experience running a business, raising a family of four children, and building a successful broadcast career are invaluable experiences.

Col. Larry Mrozinski, U.S. Army Retired of Woodstock, argued that Zoller’s lack of political experience was actually an asset.

"Martha Zoller is not bringing with her any baggage from any I.O.U.’s from any politicians," said Mrozinski. "Martha Zoller is not going to bring political correctness."

But lack of time in office and a voting record does not mean her positions are unknown according to Ryan Mahoney, Zoller campaign manager.

"Every morning for the last 15 years folks have turned on the radio and heard Martha’s conservative message," Mahoney explained. "People already know what she stands for."

"Elections keep elected officials honest," Zoller exclaimed, much to the approval of the audience. Included among those listening intently was Debbie Dooley, National Coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots.

In the pre-speech audience two political rivals stood together, chatting amiably. Kris Yardley and Bobby Banks will be facing each other (with four other announced candidates) this November in the race to fill the recently vacated Georgia House District 25 seat, but for Friday night they were curious voters, each wanting to hear what Zoller had to say.

Also in the audience was Zoller’s husband, Dr. Linwood Zoller. When asked if there was anything different in being Martha’s husband turning this challenging new phase in her life, Dr. Zoller said as he smiled broadly, "It’s still the same."

The only other announced candidate in the race, state Rep. Doug Collins, held his kickoff earlier in the week, also in Gainesville.
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