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Posted: Monday, January 19th 2009 at 6:05am

Subway waits of nearly an hour in Washington

By SeNita McRae
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Crowded subway escalators in Washington.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - It took nearly an hour to get onto Washington's subway system at times Sunday as hordes of people continued to pour into the city for Tuesday's inauguration. Meanwhile, the Transportation Security Administration is assisting the Secret Service in provide citywide security this week.

TSA spokesman John Allen told that 300 TSA workers from all over the country are being flown in to Washington, D.C. to work security for special events. They will screen guests as though they were coming into the airport. Allen said this is collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security will show that the agencies can work together.

Allen said "we didn’t have to prepare too much for the increased crowds, because we stay prepared." He said the only thing that they are doing different is helping the Secret Service at special events. Three-hundred TSA workers have been flown in to screen guests going into high profile events. Each guest will go through security as if they were going through the airport.

There may be over four million people pouring into the nation’s capital for the inauguration, but Allen says the TSA is prepared and will treat the increased crowds coming into the airport like any other holiday.

Allen said few adjustments were made for the crowd because the TSA has a lot of experience and prepared way in advance. He also said there should not be any long waits coming into the airport, but leaving may be a different story.

The best time to travel during such events is in the evening. The morning will be the busiest time, according to Allen.

At one point Sunday, it was taking 55 minutes get onto the subway.

(EDITOR'S NOTE:'s SeNita McRae is reporting from the inauguration this week.)
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