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Tom Smiley

Tom  Smiley

Dr. Tom Smiley is Senior Pastor of Lakewood Baptist Church, Gainesville, Georgia. The 2400 member congregation is a vibrant Christian fellowship locally and globally. Dr. Smiley is the founder of “Life with Smiles Ministry”. His messages are broadcast on AM 550 WDUN, and his “blog” entries and thoughts on God, faith, current events, and Islam are available at His books: “Runaway Lives: Overcoming Emotional Undercurrents”, “Angels all Around”, and “Uncommon Common Sense” can be ordered at his Life with Smiles website. Contact Dr. Smiley at

Recent Articles by Tom Smiley

  • Gainesville Council expresses reservations then approves 'guns-in-parks'
    Gainesville Council expresses reservations then approves 'guns-in-parks.' I would have cast a "Yea" vote and been proud of it.
  • What I think about the Syrian Situation
    Some have Asked, "Dr. T, What do you THINK about This Syrian situation"? Well, Read on if you are interested.
  • Saying “It” is So; Doesn’t Make “It” So
    There is certainty a lot in the news today and all the social media outlets allow everyone to express their thoughts, rationalizations and opinions on any subject. A scan of Facebook, twitter, blogs and such reveals that no one is without an opinion.
  • Why does the WORLD Hate Jesus and Christians?
    Why does the WORLD Hate Jesus and Christians? What Can a CHRIST FOLLOWER do about it? I'll answer BOTH Questions, This Sunday at Lakewood.
  • Why NOT Support Same Sex Marriage
    I need to state unequivocally that it is possible to hold a principled objection to Same Sex Marriage. It is false to assume that one who holds strong core values regarding traditional marriage is simply acting out ignorance, hatred or some homophobic bias.
  • The Shooting in Newtown, Ct.
    The recent tragedy in Newtown, CT is one more reminder that we live in a fallen world where EVIL, pure evil, affects the most INNOCENT.
  • A Second Obama Term and The Second Amendment
    Believing that Something Won’t Happen, Doesn’t Mean it Won’t.
  • Prayer Focus and Scripture
  • Why I am voting for a man who is a member of a Non-Christian Sect
    As an Evangelical Christian, allow me to address the “elephant in the room”. How can I, an Evangelical Christian, vote for Mitt Romney, a member of a non-Christian faith?
  • Call it What It Is
    While visiting my son and his wife in Colorado I took advantage of attending a Class with Tyler at Denver Theological Seminary. I sat in on Dr. Douglas Groothuis’ “Christian Apologetics” class. Dr. Groothuis is a brilliant and articulate Biblical Scholar and communicator.
  • Why NOT Support Same Sex Marriage
    I need to state unequivocally that it is possible to hold a principled objection to Same Sex Marriage.
    I am very disappointed, yes, even angry, that President Obama tours around the world, on my “dime”, apologizing for America and bowing to dictators and yet remains silent as Christian churches are burned and Christ followers persecuted all over the Middle East.
  • The Professor who did not do his homework
    My 'letter to the Editor' was rejected by the Managing Editor...
  • Red, rellow, black or is the President's policies that I don't support
    Personally, I'm sick and tired of being called racist for not supporting President Obama.
  • Is the U.S. tax system really fair?
    How can it be when over 50% of Americans pay no federal income tax?
  • Get to Source of the Weapons Killing Our Soldiers
    Explosives used against U.S. forces are so sophisticated that they must have originated in Iran.
  • A second Obama term and the Second Amendment
    Believing that something won't happen doesn't mean it won't.
  • Gay marriage will never be God's law
    This past week the state of New York joined 5 other states in passing a law that allows people of the same sex to marry.
  • The President's apologies haven't worked with most Muslims, especially Palestinian Muslims
    A 2011 Pew Research Center survey revealed that the rise of pro-democracy movements across the Middle East has not led to an improvement in America's image in the region.
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