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Rabun County Economic Development

Rabun County has a well-balanced business mix of industry, service and tourism. Where else can you locate your business in a community that is also a vacation destination area?

Our newest and largest employers are Sara Lee Yarn Company and the Fruit of the Loom. Don'L offers specialty sporting and team clothing for a wide range of professional teams. A.I.D. and Gap Manufacturing, Inc. specialize as subcontractors in the aircraft and a wide range of metal manufacturing industries plus, there are small businesses marketing their consumer products directly or offering specialized subcontractor work to a wide range of businesses.

The garment trade operations are by far the largest employers in Rabun County. However, recent years have witnessed the diversification of the industry base through small start-ups and entrepreneurs. The quality of life lures them. The business climate makes them stay. A rapidly growing business segment is the home-based business market. Over 60 businesses have emerged in the past several years. The reason-an ideal way of family life.

Despite the solid manufacturing base, the largest industry in Rabun County is, in all probability, tourism. There are numerous hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, restaurants, retail shops, resorts and businesses that cater to tourists who are lured by the charm and natural beauty of Rabun County. Approximately 825 Rabun County residences are employed in the hospitality trade and the numbers continue to grow with retirees and career-weary couples in search of a new lease on life. They look to the mountains for small business opportunities. More often than not, they find them.

Source: Rabun County Chamber of Commerce

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