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Rabun County

Rabun County has it all - beautiful mountains, roaring waterfalls, cool springs and forests, shimmering lakes and Tallulah Gorge (the largest in the eastern United States), Sky Valley (Georgia's only ski resort) and the Chattooga River (there the movie "Deliverance" was filmed). Rabun County has much to offer her visitors. Rabun County has a blend: the area's natural beauty melds gently with the amenities of modern society.
That's why the Rabun County Chamber of Commerce receives literally thousands of inquires about the county every year. And yet the county is only two hours away from Atlanta, the state capital, and less than two hours away from the other metro areas in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Rabun County is located on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina; it became known as the gateway between North and South and served as the passageway for troop movement, as well as the site of several battles during the France and Indian Wars.

With the establishment of the Tallulah Falls Railroad in Rabun County in 1905, a new era was begun. Not only was local commerce stimulated, but tourism became the second largest industry in county. Due to the natural beauty, more and more tourists began to flock to the region. Even after the railroad's demise in 1961, tourism maintained its position as the second largest industry in Rabun County.

Nature's majesty, homespun nostalgia and determined dreamers are all part and parcel of Rabun County legacy-a strong heritage-a firm foundation. So, whether you want the excitement of a whitewater rafting trip or the relaxation of an outing on a lake or stream, you'll find it in Rabun County.

Source: Rabun County Chamber of Commerce

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