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Crime Awareness

Hall County Sheriff's Office

610 Main St. SW
Gainesville, GA 30501
Phone: 770/531-6877

Any suspicious activity or crime in progress should be reported immediately to the Hall County Sheriff's Office by dialing 911 or contacting our non-emergency dispatch number at (770)536-8812.

Georgia's Sex Offender Registry

Website: Georgia's Sex Offender Registry
Georgia's Sex Offender Registry, allows us to know exactly where sentenced sexual offenders live and for what offense they were convicted.

Georgia's Board of Pardons & Paroles

Website: Georgia's Board of Pardons & Paroles
Check by zip codes of people who have been released from prison and are now on parole. The site lists the offender's name, address, photograph, and the offense for which they were convicted. This site is updated by the state's parole officers and is now up and running after six years of design and data entry. The site will also let you know if the individual is wanted for a new violation or for violating parole. This site allows crime victims to track an offender after they are released from prison, so that their residence will be known at all times.

Georgia Dept of Corrections

Website: Georgia Dept of Corrections
A site from Georgia Department of Corrections is available that displays every inmate in the state's prison system. The information includes a photo, as well as, where the inmate is being housed and potential release dates. Crime victims are more pro active than ever before and these sites allow them to protect themselves and their children better than ever.

Georgia Bureau of Investigations

Website: GBI - Fugitives
The Metro-Fugitive Squad tracks fugitives, escapees, and other dangerous felons in the metropolitan Atlanta area. If you have any information regarding these fugitives it can be submitted to the GBI by using the their Online tips page.

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